We continuously work with our clients and technology solution providers to identify, evaluate, select and implement best-of-breed solutions that fit the business requirements. As there is no one single platform solution that could meet the entire existing and future needs of the businesses, we believe seamless systems integration and customer-transparent infostructure are critical success enablers.

Total Business Process Management Solutions
As part of our niche market offering to assist our clients in the areas of business strategy realization (process efficiency, programme management, built-in proactive quality and risk management), our total business process management enabler, Team SYNthesis, addresses the following critical business success factors:

  • Integration.   All related processes dovetail perfectly one into the other. Thus, information flows automatically to all authorized and relevant people at the right moment
  • Early Warning.   Since all processes are integrated and benchmarked against Best Practices, Team SYNthesis is able to issue early warnings for corrective action to be taken as soon as possible. This ensures that all supporting services are proactive rather than reactive.
  • Community. Team SYNthesis refocuses diverging activities and improves coordination, communication and collaboration. This allows the organization to tackle challenges in a coordinated and efficient manner.

In doing so, Team SYNthesis assists organisations to achieve excellence by:

  • Enforcing standards across business operations
  • Enabling the smooth and secure flow of information on a need-to-know basis
  • Balancing the competing needs for structure and flexibility
  • Streamlining processes to achieve higher levels of efficiency
  • Weaving Best Practices into the fabric of the Organization.

Team SYNthesis Suite is divided into a core strategic module and 5 optional modules:

  • Core Strategic Management (Executive Management, Business Development Management, Operations and Implementation Management, Quality Assurance management and core databases)
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Product and Technology Management
  • Administration Management
  • Corporate Development Management.

Emerging, Multi and Cross-channel messaging solutions
CL@RITY is an industry-ready adaptive architecture product that simplifies the integration of island-applications prevalent in many e-Services organisations. CL@RITY not only provides the cross-channel management capability but the business objects to manage financial services transactions. Our key business proposition values are:

  • Achieve quick 'time-to-market' in new product and service offerings
  • Leverage on existing IT investments
  • Lower cost
  • Provide consistent and persistent customer service
  • Provide strategic customer management
  • Facilitate Host System Integration across Different Platforms and Locations (especially supportive of mergers and acquisitions).

eFinancial Supermarket solutions
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Investment Applications
The complete solution includes real-time investment management, accurate and thorough accounting, a complete menu of standard and regulatory reports, and flexible report writing capabilities. This system was specifically developed to address the complex accounting, management and regulatory requirements facing today's investment professionals. In addition, it has AIMR compliant performance measurement as well as a fully integrated module which supports pre-trade and post-trade prohibitions, restrictions and warnings based upon user defined portfolio limits and restrictions, monitored by account, portfolio, user and issuer. The base currency conversion tool would support triangulation, dual settlement and clearance.

Docutek - Solutions for all educational levels (An Integrated Document Management & Reference Solution)
Docutek offers technology solutions for learners of all ages. At the core of Docutek's mission is providing innovative technology to college and university libraries.

  • Docutek ERes - the first standalone, Web-based electronic reserves system - is the standard for libraries offering reserves on the Internet.
  • Our Docutek atSchool system serves as an academic portal for kindergartens through high schools and enables the sharing of information between teachers, students, and parents.
  • And Docutek VRLplus, our virtual reference system, lets students (and others!) of any age work online with their local reference librarians.
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Data Quality Management tool/service
Human Logic is an indispensable tool for organizations that need reliable information from their customer, product and channel data. It assists organizations to achieve targeted marketing accurately, cost-effectively and in a timely manner. It helps organizations to ensure the quality of data is assured and further protected on an on-going basis. It supports the Asian languages. It is normally the front-end process in setting up a data warehouse or a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system prior to introducing 1-1 marketing. To galvanise this advantage, it is fundamental to get customer and service-centric data consistently accurate. A typical data cleansing assignment requires about 1-week turnaround time to provide the first cut results. Most of our clients have creatively used the data cleansing exercise to create very specific data marts for targeted marketing, customer and revenue generating activities.

Data Warehousing
Kalido is a complete, state-of-the-art, pre-built data warehouse solution, built for business by business. Its underlying design recognises and supports seamlessly the reality of business changes. It uses industry standard technologies, and is compatible with data storage engine (e.g. Oracle), leading decision support and data query tools (e.g. Excel, Business Objects, etc) and complements the capabilities of ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, etc).

Risk Management solutions
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Web and eBusiness solutions
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